A Little Celebration

It’s always good to be grateful when we are blessed with another year (it should!). A little celebration that I did yesterday as my BDAY gift (?), oh nope let me say it was just another spontaneous practicing Italian food.

A simply salty and cheesy cute bow-tie Farfalle served with Shrimps and Lumfish Caviar such a perfect late lunch meal and a piece of Strawberry Cheese cake was a yummy choice after salty and cheesy taste melted in my mouth. It was a little or too-little food for BDAY huh? Oh nope, I promise myself to have a proper dinner for late BDAY celebration when I’m coming home (yes! home!). I hope I can control my giddy side from pricey food for that celebration :P

Farfalle Shrimpcheese 3

Farfalle Shrimpcheese 1

Farfalle Shrimpcheese 6

Farfalle Shrimpcheese 2

Farfalle Shrimpcheese 5

Farfalle Shrimpcheese 4

Cheese Cake 1

Cheese Cake 3

Cheese Cake 2

P.S. Forgive me for the strong light on all these, that was because I cooked late and as always dramatic light comes around 5 pm makes pictures too sharp :P. I’ll post the recipe later, I’m off now, it’s Monday oh, real life awaits.

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