Personally, I always have a minor fear for my birthday for years, it sounds insane I know. There is nothing special for birth(day) unless the fact that I have to make tons of changes in life, for every single part of life, which means that some of the things I haven’t gotten yet MUST be on my hand and all dreams inside my bucket list must be REAL.

For me life isn’t easy when getting older and older, and probably that’s one of my personal reason that makes me hate to be stupid cause it will be harder. In the same time I should be grateful for everything that has been happened for past year, any wishes everything better for the next.

I’d like to write 24 memorable things that I should remember ;

  1. Had an encourage to show that I could raise my bar to another level, crossed the continent for the first time in my life
  2. One of the biggest fearless decision in life made me out from comfort zone
  3. Moved to the land where it has been teaching me so many things, out dare the real life since I started my steps, it’s unreal
  4. Working in the brand new industry where I find all the odds are endless
  5. Met an amazing Madam Uche who teach me so many priceless lesson
  6. Could be a wiser young man by loving adorable parents (+family) more, distance makes a real change
  7. Knew Alice Gao who inspire me a lot in (food) photography, I do love every single of her works, ALL (awe-inspiring Alice!)
  8. Met and worked for some well-known figures from this country, from politician, VS modelMiss Worldlawyers, until Vice President (more ahead)
  9. More grateful by enjoying every pieces of food that I could easily enjoy them, hm I’d like to be a serious glutton someday
  10. Stuck deeper into (food) photography since I got my mirrorless
  11. Had cool stuff(s) that I got from my own hard work (really worth it)
  12. Had an indescribable (or unforgettable) feeling when I got home after several months
  13. Spent three days at Ranu Kumbolo with 4 best friends, I could see entire sky full of stars along blissful night, felt a real freedom
  14. Eat out more
  15. Had some meetings with old friends, spent hours in some different places where we could share anything since we’ve been separated each other
  16. Salary raised (I spend more, seems the same :P)
  17. Having small private room where I can share anything, this young blog
  18. Did so many different projects that I couldn’t even believe that I could (port folio should be richer)
  19. Speaking English in daily life, learning more to speak with British accent, it would be enrich my language skill (and it’s free)
  20. Being expatriate in this age isn’t easy, but I’d like to be grateful for sure
  21. Broken hearted
  22. Respect myself more than before (so much)
  23. One of my biggest dream to visit my dream land has a mild sign into reality
  24. Spent 10 days for Ramadhan in my own country, it sounds ridiculous but it was meant to me

And I’d like to wish 25 things for a year ahead ;

  1. Keeping up my good work, build my self-esteem in my professional career
  2. Always ready for all the obstacles in the future
  3. Visiting different country in Africa where I can see the beauty of life clearly,
  4. Not only working but all experiences that I’ve gotten could open another door, another chances, another level of professionalism
  5. Meet more and more amazing figures who I can pick their brain and learn more
  6. Giving my parents small gift that I get from my hard work
  7. Not only see Alice Gao in her instagram feet, having chance for coffee time in NYC :P
  8. Exploring foods in different spots in Indonesia when I’m coming back, this year (can’t wait)
  9. Get my DSLR and high quality lenses
  10. More Apple products (!)
  11. Can fly back home twice in a year with executive class :P
  12. More new places, more travel, more experiences of life
  13. Enjoying more hi-end foods in hi-end places and capture them in hi-quality ones
  14. Meet more friends, can’t wait to see them this year (!)
  15. Salary raise twice oh no three times or four :P, and get another income from hobbies
  16. Posting more and more quality posts in this blog
  17. Taking part in some inter-continental projects
  18. Taking French class
  19. No more broken-hearted, can find perfect one for future (!!!)
  20. Visiting Marbella in April for work and spend more days to see Mediterranean, Paris – Berlin and their neighbours
  21. Celebrating I’d Fitr in houuuse this year (!)
  22. Getting my first step for Master Degree (!)
  23. Diving in many different amazing spots in Indonesia
  24. Taking swimming course (rggh!)
  25. Live this year fulfilled with energy and positivity, being meaningful person for others

Last, overwhelmed gratitude for all blesses every day, Thanks God.



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