Thanks Alice!

Alice Gao 1

First time I wrote about Alice was in Bahasa, and finally after I struggled to find perfect time to write this, here, special post for my role-model photographer ; Alice Gao.

To be honest, I couldn’t remember when exactly I found her instagram feed was, yet truly, I felt in love with what I saw at the first sight, then I followed her until present. For me, Alice is something else. She has awesome eyes to capture beauties. As an amateur photographer wannabe ;P (*I’m ashamed! haha), I can see every single pictures that she takes is thoughtful. Content, idea, angle, composition, color-tone, lighting for sure, it’s wowed me!.

I just can’t say anything by three pictures below, my fav pics from her (I’m lying, I love all her photographs!!!), Maybe I could say she is insane! ;P Oh nope, I mean brilliant!

See that Paris? Oh how could she capture that misty wonderful city perfectly in black and white? from The Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile? Speechless! And that scone? and the dessert also? Alice, you-are-some-thing else!

Alice Gao 2

Honestly, I’ve learned so much from Alice Gao how to capture things beautifully even I learn through cyber world. By seeing her picturesque blog, oh let me tell you my reasons why I can say her blog is picturesque. First, she presents her photographs in perfect pixels and big size which is it could make you want to see her works more and more. Second, she named ‘lingered upon’ brilliantly, it works so well, it makes you trap on it and lingered for hours! And third, she is very detail, how she choose the font, the color of background and small small things like caption, ah it is so well-presented.

And here, some of pictures in my instagram inspired by Alice Gao, I mean I learn from her ;P ;

Alice Gao 3 copy

Alice Gao 3

Alice Gao 4

Oh yes, she has a place among fav videos in my iPad, her short interview for instagram’s BIGGEST stars and I just read about Alice here also, you better open! :) . Anyway, from Alice I learn how we should enjoy to do everything we love, don’t ever afraid to choose what we love and keep learning until all eyes on us, and yup someday I’ll visit NYC and probably can meet her and learn directly for photography, someday :) Like what I wrote at number 7. THANKS Alice!

Alice Gao 4

P.S. Im a bit upset since last night with small nonsense widgets on this blog, how could they move from right hand side to bottom! :( Rghh, does anyone know why this could be happen on mine? Please share.

Just because I can not wait anymore to show you how AMAZING Alice Gao is, so, I’ll ignore this nonsense for a while and trying to figure out the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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