Chinese Food Last Night

Had another chance for dinner last night at China Town, one of Chinese small restaurant in Victoria Island. I passed there with my flatmate after we did an event for crazy client (Ups! ;P), and yup we had to enjoyed chinese foods we chose as our revenge.

At China Town we never miss their Tom Yam. I could say that one of the best seafood tom yam I’ve ever tasted is their own! So tasty and pungent. Aside from tom yam, we ordered chicken chinese fried rice, crispy fried duck (yum!), and as always for drink, just cold spring water (they don’t have various drinks!). We love their tom yam and fried duck but NO for other spiced menus, WHY? Black pepper calamari, chicken in sweet sour sauce, or beef with cashew nut? Same taste (!!!).

Here, some of snaps from last night dinner. Two last foods below ; black pepper calamari and rice noodle with chicken aren’t taken last night ;P I found them in my food lodge.

Chinese 1

Chinese 2

Chinese 3

Chinese 4

Chinese 6

Chinese 7

Chinese 9

Chinese 10

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