Just a quick post, first Suhoor today (!!!). Ramadhan is coming, first day of fasting month :) . Here I just want to share quick meal for Suhoor that I cooked one hour ago, this ;

Sahur Perdana

Believe it or not, I just found ‘Kangkung’ or water spinach you called in English two days ago in Lagos, sounds ridiculous huh? Finally I could find and cooked Kangkung, a bit spicy but that was okay. Normally, first suhoor wasn’t easy for me, such a poor night (four hours only for sleeping :(..) and had to cook also after I woke up.

Hmm, I have to say my Mommy is SUPER WOMAN who always cook well, waking up everyone in my house, and after, has to wash dish for suhoor, O boy that isn’t easy at all. I miss Mom! :( anyway, this short post isn’t short anymore if I keep writing.

Bon Ramadhan everyone! Thanks to God for Ramadhan this year!

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