Tea at Majapahit

I spent an afternoon tea (a simply tea time!!! It wasn’t a proper one :P) at Majapahit Hotel, one of historic luxury hotel in town last week with my best friend, Sohib. We went there at 17th of August which was our Independent Day :)). Majapahit has its own story. The hotel was the site of the famous “Hotel Yamato incident” in which young Indonesian revolutionaries tore the blue part of the Dutch flag flown in the hotel to change it to the red and white Indonesian flag on 19 September 1945 . Did I come at the right time? Spending my afternoon at historic Majapahit on Independent Day? :)).

We enjoyed our tea with some snacks and seriously the music that time, some of national heroic songs in instrument which was so cozy and comfy. I was so lucky could feel the ambiance of Independence Day here in Indonesia this year :)).





After spent 2 hours for tea we went around the hotel to enjoy the building. Here some snaps from the hotel itself. For some reason I really wish I had pro camera :( to capture beautiful building like Majapahit (See the tiles! Yup, I fall in love with the tiles!!!! dutch pattern tiles, very pretty!!!)









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