Meet Putri


After a year me and Putri talked, shared, tweeted via air, a week ago we met in person. We agreed to meet at Carpentier Kitchen after Putri posted that place on her instagram. It was a blissful noon we could share our stories there, a simply peaceful small place in town (sadly the food should be yummier please! don’t mind me :P).

Putri as I knew is a fantastic freelance travel writer. I amazed that she chose her passion to be a writer than follow her background from where she was graduated from Airlangga Univ majoring Pharmacy. I amazed by what she does on her dream job as a writer. Putri loves traveling, writing, gardening, and cooking (she loves capturing food as well :P). That noon we shared so many random stories and seriously I was so happy could see Putri.

Oh Putri wasn’t came alone, her hubby was on her side and whoop whoop Lukki, my junior at school came on our meeting as well, she is talented young movie director (!!!). We took pictures as usual :P before we went and ouch I couldn’t attach myself on this post, I was too weird (nope, basically I’m not photogenic at all and pfft I’m quite quarrelsome for picture :P).









O yeah, you can read one of my fav write-up about Putri on one of my fav writer here. Oops he wrote in Bahasa, should we beg him to re-write in English? :) Hey see Putri below, she was busy capturing our foods before we ate them, just like me even I’m worst, sigh.


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