Le Café Gourmand

If you live in Surabaya, I probably suggest a small cafe called Le Café Gourmand you need to stop by. It’s a french patisserie specializes in pastries, coffee and ice cream. Not only pastries, they have some breakfast menus you should try as well.

When I came for the first time on Sunday morning when I was in Indonesia last month, I thought this space would be on my list as a reading or blogging space. Just order pastry (croissant!!!) or dessert or coffee, open your Macbook, surfing on some nice blogs and spend time with cozy ambiance. When I came there I was expecting their latte art yet I was unlucky because they serve it by 4 pm everyday (???). They should have it a long day!

Here some snaps from my mirrorless and iPhone.









Oh one thing, I crushed with this The Hario Bunno I saw there :* Why she is so adorable!


Published by

Azis Abdul

Azis is Indonesian whose interest in design & photography, traveling, cooking, and food styling. He loves croissant, Paris, and nice things. He shares his stories, thoughts, creativities here in a room called goofydreamer, [obviously he isn't goofy]. All content © Azis Abdul, unless noted.

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