Conchiglie Creamy Champignon

iPhone picture
taken with iPhone

Here again. I almost die inside my laziness yet I realized that so many, yes too-many-abandoned-pictures need to be posted. My quick jaunt to Bali, still on my hardisk. Some pictures that I need to find on my Facebook page still on my head (that because I lost those pictures and I sad) for my little story about friend, yes still on my head. Almost 1000 pictures that I took with my iPhone recently are still on my iPhoto, I haven’t moved them to my hardisk yet. And I knew that next week I will work hard like a dog for two big event. Sigh.

I decided to wake up a bit among my laziness, and among my flying-whats-my-next-dreams. Fortunately this food-lodge is on again. Post from my last week lunch ; Conchiglie Pasta cooked with creamy Champignon. If I could say this recipe is one of the EASIEST Italian food I could cook. You can cook. Very easy, no need too-long-to-cook, fresh ingredients, simply yet tasty.

Let me tell you how to cook this quickly. Whole grain conchiglie pasta (boiled well) keep it, now heat your pan, put butter let it melt. Stir fry garlic until smells good. Add O Oil, add chicken fillet (dice cut), cook 3 minutes and add champignon. Then pour full cream milk as much as you think it will be creamy enough, pinch of salt (taste it before you sprinkle salt, make sure the taste is perfect, not-too-salty), just need like 2 minutes to cook the cream. Mix pasta into the cream, add cherry tomatoes, sprinkle Oregano and simply Italian food is ready to be enjoyed. For side dish I added broccoli, sweet corn + cabbage in spicy mayonnaise, and cheddar cheese, it depends on you. Oh yeah, If you agree with me a full spoon O oil extra (put on the plate separately) will make this dish more perfect, add it :). If you want creamier, add whipped cream when the champignon cream still hot.

Ingredients :

° Handful of Conchiglie pasta | ° 6 tbs O Oil | ° 10 pieces Champignon | ° 200 grams Chicken fillet | ° 4 cloves of Garlic | ° 30 grams of Butter | ° 150 cc Full cream milk | ° pinch of Salt and ground black Pepper | ° Cherry Tomatoes | ° Side dishes : Broccoli – Sweet Corn – Caggabe – Mayonnaise – Chilli sauce | ° Oregano









Oh I love ‘my-lunch-is-done’ of my plate. For me it was artistic, taken by iPhone.


It happened again, TODAY.

Then my lunch today was the same food but I tweaked a bit. I used spaghetti instead of conchiglie, added chicken sausage, side dish were chips, lettuce and cherry tomatoes. Hmm, could you help me to find the name of the edible mushroom (see above, that beautiful brown one :)), I had no clue <— lazy to google it. It was a little surprise for me when my flatmate said that the taste of this Conchiglie Creamy Champignon was so close as creamy pasta that “Warung Itali” in Seminyak, Bali. One of the MOST delicious (and affordable) Italian food in Bali. I took lunch there this year, it wasn’t their Pasta, it was Lasagna. Will show you completely when I post my quick jaunt to Bali.



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