Oh hi Alice Gao!

Aw, Alice Gao just made my day. It was a little (I’m lying), a little surprise for me. Six hours ago when I saw a notification on my iPhone screen that ” @alice_gao liked your photo“, and two second later I had another notification, oh I will say it wasn’t a little, it was a BIG BIG surprise that my role-model on photography a.k.a Queen of Instagram liked my pictures. I had no words to express my feeling (sounds garish huh? sorry :P), but that’s fine, I felt spring of joy for that. Seriously.

If you ever read my write-ups about Alice Gao, either in Bahasa Indonesia or in English, or if you’re a reader or a lurker of this blog, I’ve mentioned her for quite often that she inspired me a lot in photography. By reading her over-stunning blog (damn! I just opened hers to get the link and found she posted a new post, what a beautiful content Alice!), her journey when she decided to quit her job in two companies (hope my retention is right :P) then she emptied her bank account and chose to be a professional photographer specialized in Food and Lifestyle. For me it was awesome, it needs brave to struggle on the first time she became a freelancer and now we can see who Alice Gao is.

You know what? I think I will do the same!

These are the two (whole version) that I took from my iPhone 1. Cheese cake and Americano. After Work and 2.This morning. An apple and a glass of wine.



I couldn’t remember when exactly I found Alice’s feed on Instagram, she wowed me on the first time and I followed her along. By then, I always remember from her how to post picture in Instagram (once again, hope my retention isn’t wrong, hehe) ; don’t put fifty hastags in one picture (yikes! I agree Alice!), post thoughtful and deliberate pictures as much as you can and feel happy for it”. From Alice, now, I always try to snap better and better through learning by doing. And I think I deserve for this dream kit.

Hey Alice Gao, if you read this post, I would like to say ; I would be super happy if I could spend coffee time and shot gorgeous spaces + mouthwatering foods with you, even just an hour, in NYC. Oh someday.

Another angles of Cheese cake and Americano.



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