The Inspiring Atre


I’ve written how’s easy to make friend nowadays on this post, and I should thank to social media for that, though. From Twitter I knew Atre, an inspiring writer based in Jakarta. Lucky me I could meet her this year.

Atre is a fantastic freelance writer, loves sunset, food and traveling. I felt in love with her talent since I found her blog which admires me how she has a creative way to putting emotion and feeling into words. Then, I knew that I had to find time to meet Atre in person. After we tweeted for a while and putted her on my list, we met in my last day in Jakarta finally.

Early afternoon we met in The Baked Goods after I walked around Sabang street and enjoyed the vibes. When I met Atre my first impression was, Oh, we would talk so much things. I was totally right. We talked so much about our career, from how I moved from country, giddy part of me capturing food (she knew that day, just a cake, pudding, tea and coffee and all that made me thought for my Instagram feed, gah), my next dreams, Alice Gao was on our conversation (surely!), about her short trip to Switzerland this year for a work (it made me envy, though), her journey and decision behind when she chose to be a freelancer in the city, obstacles being a freelancer and so much more. I was enjoyed that noon seriously.

After we chatted for two and half hours in The Baked Goods, we moved to Plaza Indonesia. We were walking through my-always-fav-hour-in-a-day (read : four pm-ish) and shared our own journeys for past two years. I felt a bit guilty that Atre had a little injury on her legs for walking with me. But she was enjoyed the conversation as much as I did until we didn’t realize that our way to Plaza Indonesia was a bit far. In a small cute cafe called Dill Gourmet we sat down and kept sharing. A slice of green tea pie and red velvet, and two cups of apple and lemon tea were on our table. In that cafe she became another witness how I took my iPhone and snapped them at least 15 times then I chose just only one for Instagram. It was crazy I know to keep a person waiting to enjoy the food, though (everyone who share table with me knows exactly my relation between food and camera :P). We shared a bit about the food in between of our conversation.

After a while, after I looked at my time we finally had to say bye. Atre escorted me until I got a taxi in front of plaza then I headed to airport with a-little-sad-feeling-to-leave-Indonesia even it was my third time. I wish I had longer time to spend time with Atre and learn from her but I should say I got so much lessons from our meeting. How Atre has a brave to be a freelance writer, choosing her what-her-heart-said for a passion and live from it, freelancer-way-to-work and perhaps she would be a second person who inspired me (after Alice) if someday I choose to be a freelancer. Tre, someday we will explore Namibia and her sunsets, like what you have said to me ‘every dreams has their own possibilities to be real’. Holy shit, I love that words :)


And another thing, such an honor for me that Atre wrote about me on her blog, the simplicity from her write-up yet truly beautiful makes me say, go and read about it! :)

P.S. Tagline of this blog has changed officially after me and Atre were brainstormed for a while. Thank you Tre!

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