Oh I’m living in December already, most hectic month on my (work) life. That means probably I have to struggle to keep updating this blog which is I know its gonna be quite challenging. This kind of job I’m working in isn’t easy if I can’t manage my time, among of overload-deadlines-as-always and upcoming briefs in this peak season I’m struggling to keep my life balance. As much as I could, though.

For an example, like this time, I’m in front of my Macbook, just finished editing some of the pictures for this post after I spent 30 minutes inside my kitchen cooking my dinner. Tomorrow I can’t guarantee myself can stay quietly on top of my bed and enjoy freeze KitKat while I’m writing because of unpredictable things always come up in this industry. Therefore I always enjoy every second of my leisure time to do something I love. And I always do for my food as well. When I had no proper food for my ritual breakfast like what I had last Thursday cause I worked day and night, I did enjoy myself with simply yummy breakfast kind of in following day.

Muesli was my choice. What I love from Muesli apart of how easy to prepare it as a breakfast is I can mix it with any fruits that I want. Just added yogurt and chopped fresh fruits, strawberry, kiwi, orange, apple, banana and oh I had almonds on my plate either. All of them just made my two-days breakfast such a little heavenly meal. Pardon for the iPhone in some of these pictures, I couldn’t help myself to drop my NEX and capture my breakfast for Instagram instead :P.





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