What I Had This Sunday

This short post would be a little break from crazy week I had and crazier week ahead. Just a little treasure for today when I cooked early morning for mushroom fried rice yet I started fueling with fresh strawberry smoothie. One macaron was sweet enough to be friend for fresh and sour smoothie. Fried rice cooked with mushroom, sausage, carrot and chicken fillet served with side meal ; oops sunny-side-up and stir-fried butter chicken, oh veggie ; red cabbage, tomato, cucumber became my late lunch. Plan has changed to enjoy fried rice as main breakfast.

Avocado toast was a simply and quick brunch kind of. Capturing that toast on top black background was lovely enough, don’t you think so? :). And I ended another sweet snack as dessert. Tweaking a peach almond pie with fresh mango sauce wasn’t bad idea to complete this Sunday food lodge.









The title for this post a bit cheesy, pardon for that, lol.

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