That Morning

There was a morning, woke up late on Sunday and had thought : “Master degree?”. My mind had an inner conversation from “when, where, what?”. Truly if I remember again that morning I was restless. I started thinking again when I should take my master degree, coming back to school to upgrade my brain, meeting new people in new place. I should think again for that. I really should.
Sometimes it isn’t easy thing to do when I start comparing other people’s life and mine. When I see a friend has taken a step, even more if the step is such a big step, I start shaking. I mean, there is an energy that wake me up, push me to do the same thing. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for my career right now, I do. But taking another step in life is such another challenging thing to do.
I think I’ll take that particular step this year.

Picture above was taken on that morning, you can interprete the meaning of that iPhone picture.

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