An Afternoon Tea


I always remember the vow I’ve made ; after work hard, there is a good food in a good time for myself as a reward. Today I paid my dues. Just had a tight Sunday to chill my mind from all physical and emotional obstacles after three days worked non stop (valentine season at office was mad). Went out to cinema at 10am (Robocop wasn’t bad :)), and passed at my fav bakery for take-home-sweets. I just thought that An Afternoon tea wasn’t a bad idea to give me small blithe on Sunday.

Last week Sunday I tried to capture the sweets ; dark choco cake, cherry cupcake, mango mousse, red velvet cheese cake and sandwich, plus strawberry, I was excited when I looked at them arranged yet I was pulled a long face when I realized all of them weren’t good enough for this blog (first pic after this sentences was the only iPhone pic that shows those sweets together). Today I decided to repeat the moment with another sweets ; Dark chocolate cheese cake and round eclairs filled with coffee cream, and wheat croissant. Oh, almost forget to mention a scone.

Scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam was good. Just because I couldn’t get a particular strawberry jam from market, I made it from four strawberries, fifteen blueberries, a little unsalted butter, sugar and lime (I had no lemon today). Beside the fact that I love how the color of strawberry and blueberry married, the taste of clotted cream and strawberry jam was tasteful.

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P.S. Please don’t judge me for this simpler version of afternoon tea. I wish I could make it as proper as British does, maybe someday, when I have a chance to enjoy an afternoon at Harrods I will share it with you :) or on some spots around London like here. The ambiance, cutlery, and those sweets! Cakes! Scones! Oh I’m a dreamer. 

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