Oats is a simply-yummy-breakfast kind of people can cook easily. When I have very short time to prepare my breakfast (apart of “I have poor ingredients in my fridge” statement) oats can be the best choice to be cooked. To be honest, I had no intention before to snap “my-breakfast-was-only-oats(!)” that morning but, when I realized the morning light was quite bright + a-second-quick-moment when I opened one page in food magazine and found a matching tone with the blueberry and my new kitchen towel = I got 67 pictures I can add on my collection :)

I think I forgot to add fresh banana on top (“poor ingredients in my fridge” was the correct reason, lol!)





A moody iPhone pic for my Instagram that day :) Edited with F2 on VSCOcam.


P.S. I had the same breakfast this morning minus blueberry. Oats I cook is no sugar, I always love to sprinkle a pinch of sugar on top. In case you need inspirations to create breakfast from oats, open this site and enjoy your single morning!

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