I can’t even lie that I’m officially addicted to Instagram and the best thing from that is I can find so many inspirations from so many many talented photographers outside there. Daily!. O really, yes really, they are beyond awesome. I can’t even speak when I found Pei Ketron (I’m going to post about her :))) She’s beyond crazzzzy brilliant photographer I heart!) after I found Alice Gao (No secret that I’m among of her fans :) iPhone picture I took this morning, above, is #inspiredbyalicegao :)).

As a person who still learning, it’s such a simply joy finding some inspirations through the air. Since I started my Tumblr, I found easily Instagramers’s wowed site I’ve followed along. Here some my favorites you should put attention too like I do :

The easiest way to learn photography is to pay attention to them and keep shooting with your own camera, afterwards, keep learning and find your own style :)

Aw did I mention that those sites contain wowwide photographs? with clean and crisp background (dreamy blog that I always love so much!) Yihaa, you eyes will be pampered!

Happy Friday folks!


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