Simply Little Things

This year my kind mates here, Gozie and Rufina brought me some cuties from where they were travelled to. When Gozie had to travel to NYC for her side-duty helping her sister’s wedding preparation (it had been done! :)) congrats to her sister, Ngozi!), my spirit said that “Goz, magneetts!”. Yikes, sounds cheesy yet I know how generous Gozie is to me :). I was so pleasant when she went to our office and gave me three cuties (and all of them are grey! My fav color!) plus a NYC iconic tee. I’ve posted them in my Instagram before.

The other one was from Rufina. What she brought for me was a little special, I got David Beckham’s book!. We chatted through Whatsap a day before she left London and asked me what did I want? I thought an Union Jack cap was cute enough for me until I remembered that I wanted to add Beckham’s biography on my book collections (I’m gonna post about that book separately, there is so many iconic pics of Beckham worth to share. Definitely). So I asked her if she didn’t mind to get it for me and I would pay later. After she returned and Whatsap me again that she would send my souvenirs (and for my flatmates as well, plus chocolates for entire managers in office) she said “no, never mind to pay back”. Oh she’s definitely too-kind :).

Pardon for the last ‘trying-to-look-cute-yet-I-looked-ridiculous’ selfie of me :P.




There is a little ‘thing’ I love from souvenirs. When I get something from my kind mates, or when I bring something for my mates like this, souvenirs could be ‘simply little things’ that remind you and me to those people. Cause someday when you aren’t around them anymore, at least, there is sweet memory of kindness you used to share with. I always believe that.

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