Had Spring of Joy This Morning

Confession number one : I’ve spread my thirst in the air that I always miss Bakso when since I lived here.

Number two : I thanked God I had Bakso for my breakfast this morning. I did!.

Confession number three : The meat balls you see on this post, I didn’t cook them. My other flat mate brought them from someone in The Indonesian Embassy, here. He gave me some two days ago when I cooked meals for dinner. I dropped and left them inside freezer. I had no idea to cook Bakso until I cooked the soup last night and it became my breakfast this morning.

Confession number four : This Bakso wasn’t authentic. I tweaked it already. I cooked the soup from chicken broth and plenty garlic (I’m a garlic lover :P), without leak and MSG :P. Yes, the soup was spiced just with salt and white pepper. Instead of rice vermicelli and yellow noodle, I added pasta and instant noodle, oh broccoli as well (I fell in love with broccoli as snack lately, I’m not trying to sound lavish though, apart of the health benefit, I love the texture and the taste :) *the price of broccoli here is fuc*in’ high!*). I poured lotta O oil, too. It was totally out of the real Bakso yet I wont lie to you guys, after I added soy sauce, chilli sauce, tomato sauce and for sure ‘sambal’, the taste was so damn delish!. You hear me? D E L I S H (!!).

Fifth confession : When I was preparing this shot, I moved front and back from my kitchen to my room, six times!, (I shot my food from my room, I depend a lot from natural morning light!) to prepare this food arrangement, with camera and iPhone in my both hands. Oh truly, it wasn’t easy when I had to rush to find angles, proportions, focus, in short time. Many times I looked at my wrist watch to make sure I didn’t waste time to snap, to enjoy and ready to go to office. I had only 30 minutes to do all of that. Eek. When I was enjoying this Bakso after snapped it, I was sweating because (1) I did a little exercise preparing this shot, (2) the ‘sambal’ was so-damn-spicilicious made this Bakso ‘nendang-banget’ (<–find that word in English *trivia* lol) in my mouth :P.

Confession number six : I forgot the lime :P, I should include it on these pics. I already had an idea to snap Bakso again, more authentic with tofu and rice vermicelli, with different table setting, look and feel. I think not only that, I bet you guys are boring with my props, I should get another new ones. Amiright? (I’m looking at my wallet and fainting :P).

Hope you guys enjoy these pics!





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