Had two days off (really off) was gratified!. Yippie last week I had full weekend off which was quite rare for me (for entire office actually :P). By the time I heard the announcement for two days off I had some plans I would like to do. On Saturday I still went to the office to do something for two hours, then I went to one mall here where we just opened our new flower shop (new branch!). Spending time from 11am until 8pm there was quite bored (really, I couldn’t work inside mall, you know why? I found a beautiful navy blue and brown canvas shoulder bag! and a cute simple wrist watch in brown, both are Fossil! Oh dear, thank God I didn’t spend money. Even though I still thinking about them :P). So here some snaps from last week. I hope I do not make you h(angry) :P.

Wheat croissant and strawberry syrup was my breakfast on Saturday (captured in my office :P). The syrup I made from slices of strawberry, lemon juice (fresh lemon!!), and sugar (little!). I putted in a cup and baked for 3o minutes.I decided to stay at home for Sunday. First, I had plenty things to do (mostly for housemaid-works *fiuh!*), second, I had to control my expenses. Third, I could cook meals for whole day (for this blog as well :P).




Late breakfast for Sunday was Basmati brown rice, rolled omelet, sweet stir-fried veggies (carrots and broccoli), and crispy fried chicken breast. Oh I cooked ‘sambal Terasi’ a.k.a ‘shrimp cake’ as well (on top of the brown rice). If you follow me in Instagram, I’ve posted this meal from my iPhone. But here, I will share closer view of how it looked so you have an idea how it taste :).




In the afternoon I made snack from Nutella and banana. Just thin pancake (or crepes?) and I spread Nutella, slices of banana, choco chips, hazelnut, and sprinkle of coffee. For that heavenly full chocolate snack kind of, I couldn’t take more than one :P.




After all, lemon in water was the one I needed :)



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