The Magnificent Seven


If I have to mention one name that inspired me to catch my dreams is the one and only, David Beckham. Apart of Oprah Winfrey, David is an inspiration for me. I’ve been admiring his work ethic since I knew who David was, particularly when he was performed in World Cup 2002, Korea-Japan (I pretty remember when I watched the match between England *England is always be my fav team in World Cup :P* against Argentina in the afternoon, it was my first time I saw David did a sweet revenge).

Truly, I admire David from how he worked so hard since he was in youth. He had something called DREAM (I love this word!) he fight for, to become a great football player someday. And he had worked hard to make it real. This sound cliché, but for me, he did a fantastic journey in his life as a pro footballer. He grew from an ordinary family, practiced what he loved, he did it often, until he got a chance ; a gateway to shine since he had a contract in Manchester United, his dream club, that changed his entire life then.

Another thing I admire from David is how he loves his family. Being a super stylish daddy for four cuties is awesome, and Victoria, I can’t pass her name tho. Both of them are awesome. Even in Victoria I see her in a different way right now. Could you remember how was she in Spice Girls? Are you nineties, reader? :P. Right now, she is one of the hottest fashion designer we can’t deny. I see how she works hard for her longtime passion ; Fashion. The similarity here, they work for their passion. Isn’t it cool?


My mind slightly did a throwback to 12 years ago. Around 2002 when I was in high school, my kind folks, Alam (how are you there, Alam? :)), gave me David’s biography in Bahasa Indonesia version. Since I finished reading that book, I admired David more as a dream catcher. Wahyu K Adhiwiasa, was another kind folks of mine in high school I couldn’t forget, too. He was so kind to me by giving me David’s pictures every time he found it inside his weekly football magazine (he’s a Lazio big fan, FYI). Since then, I’ve collected almost 10K+ pictures, I guess.

I’ve posted David’s biography that I got straight from London, from my kind folks here, as one of my simply little thing. If you ask me how this book is, I’ll tell you. When I had it in my hand and opened it for the first time, I was mesmerised by many beautiful pictures inside (you know me, I love picture, I love taking picture :P). Those picture are so special cause each of them is reflected how’s beautiful his journey, his history as a footballer. I had goosebumps when I read his journey, his ups and downs in his career with pictures attached when he was in MU, Madrid, LA Galaxy, Milan and the last, Paris St Germain. He had proved himself as one of the most well-known footballer in the world. What I love from that is ; “There is always possibilities in life if you have big dreams, if you work hard for it, you can’t even believe what will happen to you sometimes in your future”.

So many beautiful picture inside but here, some my fav pictures I can say “bellissima!”, straight from my iPhone.









Aw, David knows how to close his biography with this beautiful words.


Well, Happy Birthday in advance Mr Becks! We are the same May-ers! lol :D

P.S. I’ll be super duper busy weeks ahead, that makes me think to upload this post sooner, I had an idea to post it on 2nd of May, David’s birthday but it doesn’t matter tho :)). So, David, when I can see you in person? Isn’t it a big dream? I love to dream it :)).


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