Just Take A Little Deep Breath

Recently, I’m having so many things to be done for next week event, an international event. I just came back from the capital city last night after three quite rough days with so many deadlines. Those deadlines woke me up that right now, I’m having a slightly bigger responsibility in the company. It isn’t easy to do brain and physical works in a short time. I found it hard, yet will always try, and try.

I keep telling myself to realise one thing, probably this is my chance to do it well, to do it with a whole heart. And find that someday when I look back, I’ve done a fantastic job. I look at my portfolio that I’ve done it (isn’t it cool? when you can share stories how you work from an event where many head of states from around the world are coming?). Among my responsibilities until next week, I took a little deep breath by enjoying some my fav moment last three days. All taken with an iPhone.


1. I love the rhythm after rain, in the evening, when the road becomes wet and some street lights give a romantic ambiance, it makes me fall in love, always.

2. An african sunset, so serene. I’ll always find a beauty everytime I see sunset. A different beauty everyday.

3. Again, sunset. So yesterday,the evening sky was quite festive.

Sometimes, when I have a lot of things in my head and it stress me out, I’ll take my headsets and play my fav songs. It helps, music could make everything better (The legend, Bob Marley ever said that “one good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain”). A little rest, and take a little deep breath so that you can breath easy, and catch your spirit of life (again), these songs probably are worth to be on your playlist :

1  |  2  | 3  |  4  |  5

Okay then, I have to concentrate to work hard again (I’m going to work hard again for many dreams, well, sometimes I have no weekend tho :|), hope you guys had a good weekend :)

Hello May! I wish for beautiful things happen in this special month!

2 thoughts on “Just Take A Little Deep Breath

  1. Maka, ketika ada senja yang luar biasa ciamik di saat yang pas, aku pasti ngeluarin songlist kucus “senja-an” :D yang jelas ada The Perisher, Ingrid Michaelson, The Cinematic Orchestra, dan The Swell Season. #mausharingaja hehe…

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