Cherries Play

An impromptu shoot this late noon was another experiment of background. If you are a reader of this blog or you have read this post before (oops, I know I wrote that post in Bahasa Indonesia, okay lemme tell you :P), I used my black shirt for that ‘Pecel’ cause I couldn’t find a contrast background. It sounds funny but it is true. I used my ‘I-have-not-ironed-that-shirt’ and I think it was not bad. So, this noon, when I saw my remaining cherries from yesterday breakfast (previous post! :)) in the fridge, my mind thought about something ; let’s play with various backgrounds and, here they are :


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset




All of those background are my shirts and a hoody. I really wish I had a real studio for food photography include props and hm, pro camera :P, the second picture was taken with an iPhone, yup, for Instagram purpose!.

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