Eat Natural

I bet you guys know how I love Muesli by lingering this blog. As a super-hectic person (oh, this sounds exaggerated :P), quick-yummy-healthy breakfast is such a treasure. Days ago, when I went to buy chicken breast and other ingredients for dinner, I passed black boxes that made me stopped by. I know myself finding boxes with various Muesli kind of inside is always make me feel happy. Sadly, that day I had small money inside my wallet. I tried to manage with what I had (I always hate that!). I took one box and read what is inside. I just read and dropped it back beside another boxes that contain vary ingredients in each of them.

This sounds funny, two days ago I got small extra money from an event I did from Saturday night until half of Sunday noon. So after worked, I went back to find another ingredients for dinner (it was for making dinner to welcome my new flatmate that came from Indonesia, he’s my previous flatmate’s friend and we’ll work together here :)), I did not need to think twice to grab one box of Eat Natural, plus yogurt and fresh cherries. $18 wasn’t bad right to change my ‘I-worked-until-half-of-my-Sunday-gone’  last week. Hope you guys can imagine how this heavenly breakfast taste. A mix of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, linseeds, toasted ryecrumbs, oats, coconut, almonds and hazelnuts, plus yogurt, strawberry, cherries, and extra almonds just made me die.

I think I found another ‘you-guys-must-try’, :)).





P.S. Are you wondering why the last picture above has different background? That was an impromptu shoot after I changed the background for my Instagram post, my flatmate helped me to snap my morning scene including my hands pose :P.

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