July’s Reflection

It’s not a good sign that I’m having cold, weary and headache for almost two days. After accomplished an event that took my mind and physical stress last week, I finally could take a breath. Sadly, I still feel those stresses stay right inside my body. I should more take care of myself and keep it easy.

Fellas, it is July already, a month that stand in the middle of the year. Have you thought about what you have gotten, you have done, achieved, or something like that? I personally never think about that. I mean, I have no worries about what I have achieved and what I have not. But truly, I always worry about how I become older every year. Worrying on how can I achieve my dreams before 30, two numbers that eery me. Big two six ain’t young anymore, it reflects how life become more complicated for a young man like me. Meantime, I shouldn’t take two six such a big deal but a reflection to run faster to achieve dreams.

Just an iPhone snap of kaput peonies to pop-in this post. An impromptu snap this morning is inspired by Alice Gao.


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