Nutella Mousse Pudding

Sparkles always come to my eyes every time I see beautiful cakes, pastries and chocolates. Half of me always feel the rejoice, the other half worry about the ingredients. Worry about how they cook them, about how much fat inside all those mouth-watering guilty pleasure. But I believe one thing about food, enjoy good food when you alive, wisely. There is time I will eat fresh salad with lemon and O oil only and there is a time I will enjoy a handful of fatty ice cream. I’m still learning how I enjoy my food wisely, as long as I know how to manage myself among fatty-sweet-crispy-food, healthy-fresh-food, I’m fine with it.

A DIY food I want to share here is one of my fav homemade snack ; Nutella Mousse Pudding. You can even guess easily what are ingredients to make it by seeing the first picture below. This snack contains the incredible dangerously chocolate paste but it doesn’t worry me to enjoy it. Why? Because it homemade, simple :). I’ll be the one who control how much sugar and fat in it right? :). Oh, there are two things I love from this snack ; very easy to make and tasteful. For this post I just what to share some pictures that I kept inside my hard drive for almost four months. I’ll share how to cook it as soon as my-sluggish-part-of-me is gone, thou (and I’m having cold :(…..).









7 thoughts on “Nutella Mousse Pudding

      1. nice to read your blog. I am enjoying blog walking now.
        anyway, are you graphic designer?

      2. I’m a creative person currently working in event industry here, in Africa :) I used to study Industrial Product Design. Just visited your blog, ouch you are living in South Korea, maybe we can meet there someday! Let’s make friend!


      3. Yeap, I am now living and working in Daejeon, Korea. Come here and lemme know, it would be great! :D
        Honestly many things I want to ask, about your photography (either using your camera or iPhone), living and working in there, and bla bla bla.. anyway, is there any article where telling the story how you start working and living there? It would be interesting :)

      4. Alright, don’t regret it if I ask soooo many Q’s :p
        How long have you been there and how did you get a job? *sorry, i know it is boring and tiring to explain “these common questions”.

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