Then, I Lied

There was an afternoon in the office, when my colleague was looking for wrist watch for herself. She asked me how the one she picked was on one online store. Then I opened Fossil site to look some affordable designs that would be fit in her. I didn’t realise that I made a mistake by opening that dangerous site when I found a beautiful one on men collection. Sigh my heart was stolen by this blue.

I realised that I had the same design before (this!). But then, it was the only wrist watch in Fossil site that has blue and rose gold color for men (I just opened their website and found this automatic one, damn! gorgeous and it is blue!). I fell in love with the color, I know myself is a grey and black person, so finding blue and rose gold was totally out of my comfort zone.

Here a short story about this wrist watch. One Sunday, I went to get fresh air by watching a movie in cinema. I passed one store inside the mall that sells watches and I found the blue I saw in the website. I looked at it and I thought it was quite rare color for a Fossil watch. I couldn’t lie that the color combination looked rich yet still simple (now, you guys know me more that I always love simplicity in appearance, either in outfits or accessories). I didn’t take home cause I kept thinking that I shouldn’t buy the same design, then I lied to myself. When I knew that my friend was wanted to go to the mall to get tools he needed for work, I decided to get that blue home for me (even I had to close my eyes for $80 pricier than the price on Fossil website. The price here is crazy sometimes, gah).




Now I’m thinking to get the automatic one if I find it in black to be added in my Fossil collection, later when I’m home :P. Omaigah, opening Fossil site is always dangerous, indeed.

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