I’ll Bring Some For This Year

I’ve promised myself that I would bring some souvenirs only this year. I found a wide gap if I compare with what I did last year :P but the fact is, I still the same every time my annual leave is on my face, I’m excited (!!!!!!). I spent two hours at an obligatory place I always visit before I’m going home (on 5th of July), just 30 minutes after I voted the next President of Indonesia here, at the Embassy.

Below are souvenirs I took home this year, yes, for my closest friends only. Picture number one, I have no idea for who and who, I think I’ll keep for myself :P (iPhone snaps here).



Oh, I found an old book that is a terrific read for anyone interested in food and cooking last week. I haven’t read everything but like always, food photographs stole my attention. A lot of articles from member of the Guild of Food Writers I should read later, ssst it’s a discounted one :P


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