See Ya!

Last night I went out from my living room to the balcony, just ten minutes before I laid on my bed. I looked at how the beautiful of silence met with the romance of after-the-rain. It was 1.45 am and it was so silent, everybody had slept and I stared to the shady early morning sky plus the moon. I enjoyed every second of the vibe and I whispered to God, “I couldn’t even imagine myself could stand tall in this country for three years now”.

I took a deep breath for seconds and smiled to the sky. I thanked to God for every single thing I have passed for past three years and hope He’ll guide me more for years ahead. Then, I went back inside with a sincere hearted that tomorrow, God will bless me for everything better.


I’m leaving for Indonesia this noon, I couldn’t imagine how will my Mom scream when she finds her last child is home :) (above is an impromptu iPhone shot fifteen minutes ago :)).

11 : 45 am – Murtala Muhammed International Airport to Hamad International Airport. 

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