One of That Precious Noon

This is crazy. I can’t even understand to myself that I’ve ignored this blog for almost two weeks. That was so terrible.

Among all things I have to do while I’m in Indonesia, there is one thing I always love to make every year when I’m home ; sharing an afternoon with stories, food, and coffee with lovely peeps. I felt blessed when I had a chance to sit down with Winda and Ayos, both are my best friend since we were in college. It was our second meeting after I came to their new house (yes, Winda is moving to our town, Surabaya! :)) just few hours after I landed in Indonesia, but it was the first time (I mean in proper way and time) I and this new-married-couple were really sat down and shared stories. Sharing stories with Ayos is always amazing. If you have read this post you’ll know why I adore him. So does Winda.

We spent time for almost four hours that day and I do really want to make it one more time. On Sunday noon, at one of the ‘happening’ new coffee spot in town. Oh, I presented an ordinary yet meaningful (hopefully! :D) wedding gift for them before we left. Some iPhone and some Mirrorless here :)






Hope you guys do not mind to say hi to one of long time best friend of mine, Fahmi. He’ll marry his girl next month which is it will hard for me cause I won’t be around for his big day :(. But I always pray for him, Ayos, Winda and my other best friends for our friendship. Hope we can keep it long last.


I’ll off to Bali tomorrow, hope I can post more posts for this blog when I’m coming back!

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