Hi For Wana


I know its such a good thing having a proper time to see my friends when I come home. I remember myself was so introvert few years ago when I felt so comfortable with everyone I knew, only. That was one of my nature since I grew up as a home boy. A boy who loved spending time at home, with few friends I could count with my fingers. A boy who went to school, and came back home on time. It was a breakthrough I took by moving outside country that changed me a lot as a person. Since then there was a change on how I bring myself into a conversation, even with my few new friends I meet for the first time. I can talk a lot about something comfortably and be myself.



In my short time I had while I was in Indonesia last week, I took chance to meet my new comrade, Wana Darma. I finally met Wana in person since we knew each other through twitter. When I met Wana, I answered (talked?-too-much-I-think :P) his Q’s on how I moved from Indonesia, what am I doing here, how I survive, and for sure some bloggers that inspired me. I think I really talked too much that time :P. Wana is graduated from Gajah Mada University in Yogyakarta majoring Accounting but he has the same indulgence with me in food and cooking. First time we tweeted in the air, we talked a lot about food, cooking, and food photography. He has a blog contains food and some travel posts which I do love how he brings his blog with a very funky way (since I found it). I used to contribute on his ‘Males Makan’ series (It’s a Chef-esque post where he stops people to share a dish they cooked) and shared one of Nigerian food called Asun. Oops, I just realised that photographs on that post weren’t good enough :P.

Wana and I have the same thought that keeping our blog is not a simple thing, I feel that is happening in his blog. I do miss a lot of his post truly. So, Wana, when will you start again? :)

P.S. Uh, when Wana told me that he is 24 yo, I officially hated him :P. Sigh (don’t mind me, I’m kidding). I should meet with my new comrade in person which I do want her on this blog, Maharsi, a young lady who inspired me a lot as well. She is Wana’s comrade from the same Uni and the same major (small world!). Sadly we couldn’t make it because of time, but I swear you guys will see her exclusively on this blog sometims in future :). I swear.

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