I could say I fell in love with the vibe of Historica, one of the happening coffee spot in Surabaya. I went there three times yet I didn’t take many photographs cause sometimes, it’s better to feel the vibe and the coffee than busy taking picture. First time I went there was that day I met Ayos and Winda (I know, you’ve seen my previous post shown the space before), and accidentally fell in love with their Macha Latté.

If you want to visit Historica for coffee, I suggest to come when they just open in the morning. You’ll get the perfect morning light (it is very important if you love taking picture like me :P) and the calm ambiance to enjoy your coffee more with your Kinfolk or Cereal :). Cause sometimes it is a bit annoying if you are in the coffee shop and get clamorous from people around you (I had that experience in my last visit when I came in the afternoon, gah!).

Here, I just wanted to share some iPhone snaps of the interior. Two last pics are an exception, taken by Sony NEX5. Oh, did I mention I want to have that gorg tiles for my future home? :)










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