A Better (Stylish) Vision


One fact about me is I’ve been wearing glasses since I was in second year in junior high school. I pretty clear remember when my Dad and I went to the optician after he checked my eyes in ophthalmologist. We chose (he was the one actually) the frame for my first glasses with a quality lenses. He thought that the glasses was more important than the frame. Oh okay, I did agree without asking anything. I did remember first time I wore the glasses I felt like I was so cool. A year after I wore my first glasses there was a time to change the lenses. I should scared with my higher minus yet I did not. I was so happy cause I thought if I changed the glasses I would have new frame in the same time yet it wasn’t that easy. My Dad said that the frame was still okay, again, the lenses was more important for him (not for me :(). I knew that was made sense but you know guys, after a year without a new look (that time!) was a disaster, haha. I remember when my Dad spent his money for my second glasses (only :() I made a vow ; “Someday, if I have my own money, I won’t buy a quality glasses only, I’ll get my “me” stylish frame”.

After then, I did not remember how many times I changed my glasses but this one is the best I ever had. I browsed that frame few days before I went home. I knew I felt in love with the John Lennon-esque design but I didn’t expect that the frame is so comfortable and super light after I wore for the first time. I love the whole look of that frame, stylish, black, sleek, and I do love so much if the brand is not obvious in the eye. You will have a little “wow” pleasure when someone guess “what brand is that?” and they’ll see it from the back :). I truly made a good decision to bring it home :).



The pictures above was an impromptu shot when I was waiting while my two flatmates were eating their fast food (I just ordered a bottle of mineral water with an apple in my bag, I swear :)). I didn’t expect that the sunlight was so bright yesterday noon cause since I landed here the weather is windy, rainy, and cloudy. So, when I realised that I had beautiful lighting and the table in front of me is white my brain and my eyes worked quickly. I took my iPhone and yay, I’m happy everytime I have an impromptu moment and get a beautiful shot! :)

Happy Monday guys!

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