Blue Cup

Even I do know that I always make a promise to myself to not to spend money for something I don’t really need, I do know that I always fail too. Yesterday, after I had a very stressful event with a sweet ending on Saturday (I think I’d mentioned this on my previous post, no?) I had to do another one on Sunday. Even it was simpler but guys, working over night until Sunday noon wasn’t easy.

As a gift, I took home two new cups, a blue tea cup with a saucer and another one is a white ceramic cup only. I had no plan to buy it while I knew that my December allowance already very short. Even I do not really need those cups (well, except for Instagram purpose, only), I didn’t regret to spend for it. I think it’s time to keep beautiful things one by one until someday, I can arrange them beautifully in my own kitchen. My dream kitchen.



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