It is a bad thing every time I try to write something and ended with nothing, lately. Even I had more normal days in this December it didn’t help much to update this blog. I hope you guys don’t mind for a throwback a bit to Bali.

On my fourth day in Bali, I and Sohib had no plans to spend the day until I decided to take a short peek to Motel Mexicola. It started when I posted my lunch in Ubud with Andhi and Sohib on my Instagram. Putri, my kind mate commented and asked me if I had visited Mexicola, one of the happening place in Seminyak where you can find so many cool peeps. Since I didn’t have plans that day, I thought I had to visit and see what was happening.

In the morning (I think it was 11am), we only needed five minutes from our cheap hotel to Mexicola. First impression I had was oh wow. First thing that took my attention was Mexican beautiful tiles on the bar and interesting sculpture made from melted candles. As we entered inside, I could feel the Mexican culture from the vibes, colors play everywhere, strong catholic ornaments, loung-ish Mexican music, all of that made me thought like achieve we just landed in Mexico. The vibe reflects the complexity of the Mexico’s history through the blending of indigenous cultures and the culture of Spain. Here are some pictures I took from my iPhone and mirrorless that day (pardon for some selfies!).













I realised that Mexicola is a ‘hits’ spot in Seminyak after fifteen minutes we were there where I found so many cool kids and typical tourists mingling around, chatting, taking pictures and selfies (oh well). We spent approximately one and half hour after took some tacos and exotic drink. I found that Sohib didn’t feel snug with the vibe (well, he’s not a cool kid definitely :P) and said that Mexicola wasn’t “him” at all. Me neither but I was thrilled with the fact that Mexicola such a good place to learn about Mexican interior and exterior. For a person who works everyday playing with concept for themed events, interior and graphic, Mexicola is definitely a beautiful space to sharpen eyes.

I was so happy could capture Mexicola in day light before we headed to Ku De Ta for a sunset. If you guys want to feel the Mexican vibe stronger, you should come in the evening to enjoy the Mexican food and the vibe just like this.








Fyi, Mexico is one of my dream country to visit if I have a chance to travel to South America someday. I find there is a romantic hispanic vibe that Mexico has that makes me think it would be great to spend weeks there. Wondering along the beautiful cathedrals, traditional markets, street dance, city hall, the people and for sure, the food. I’m not a fan of this boy band but truly, this v clip made me fell in love with Mexico City from the first time I watched it on MTV. Can I resist to lingering around the city hall with that beautiful sunset light in Mexico City? :)

Last one, Merry Christmas to those who are celebrating!

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