Yuriko's Bday

I always believe that sometimes, we don’t need to do something big to make somebody happy. Remembering a birthday is such a simply and sweet way to say that “I’m a grateful you are born in this life”. And I always believe that God is always, and always choose kind humans to spend this life with.

I have two lovely humans who had their birthday this (early) January. First is Madam Uche who was born on the 3rd. I thanked God for the journey I have with her as a boss, a mom, a teacher, whilst I live here in Africa. I feel blessed that I know her as a wonderful woman who inspired me to work hard in life, for my own future. Second is Yuriko, a ‘stupid-hilarious-yet smart’ best friend of mine who was born on the 4th. I thanked God in fact that he is a kind human that always make me want to laugh in a good and bad mood through a simply thing such a stupid conversation on the phone. I’m grateful that we can keep our friendship until today, even we live in two different continents.

And third, I thanked God for a chance to say Happy Birthday precious ones :)


P.S. Oops pardon for your RF cap that I used for my props on this pic Yuriko :P.

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