Hello, April!

I always have a dream that someday I can live in a country where berries are cheap. So that I can always have them on my table every morning as one of my breakfast. I love berries, from the dark one until the bright one. From blackberry until kiwi berry. Another dream I have is having breakfast with croissants, and berries, plus coffee and orange juice at a small cafe, in a summer. In the city of light. While I’m dreaming for it (I know, at least for now), I made my breakfast on Monday with some mini croissants, pain au chocolats, and some colors on my table.

It wasn’t only berries I had this week. When I saw kale in the market I took it home. I didn’t even realise that banana plus yogurt drink plus kale plus bok coy plus kiwi was incredible. A must-try green smoothie that can brighten up your morning guys!.

I had fun with some photos on this post when I did food collage with kiwis, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and kale before I enjoyed them. Though capturing them in cloudy days (almost every day here is clouuuudy) left me with some challenges. My fav are the green color scheme from kale, bok coy and kiwi shot.







I had two times half day on Monday and Tuesday because of Presidential election here. It made me (well, :P) happy cause so I had time cooking my simply lunch at home on weekday. Medium stir-fried bok coy (sadly I didn’t have O oil in the kitchen) with oyster sauce, scrambled egg with kale (trust me, adding kale inside is yum!), and simply fried chicken breast. It was still cloudy during the day yet I was lucky enough the sun was coming out for hours. Late in the afternoon I made some toast bread with some easy-funky toppings. Cheese, nutella & cheese, plus homemade blueberry sauce.






I think the weather makes me unwell lately. I’m having cold and flu since last week (oh yesterday my migraine was so so terrible). Having lemon is a must in my fridge, and brewing fresh ginger, lemon and raw honey is the best natural way to against this terrible flu.


3 thoughts on “Hello, April!

  1. I notice some of your pictures taken on white background. Did u use special table or any other stuff?

    1. That white background called flatlay, when you just lay things on the flat board or table even on the floor. I used hand made board and put white fabric or white paper. It depends :)

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