An Impromptu

You’ll be so happy if you have one more day off after the weekend. If Monday is the day, you’ll definitely be happier. After I did an Easter decor for the churches on Saturday last week, then attended meeting until late (and had a light issue in the house for two, oh no, four days :(), I had one day off for Easter. Just like in many countries in the world, Easter is quite important here.

When I woke up on Monday, I knew that I had to type my report for ‘last-night-meeting’ and sent it to my ED while she’s in London right now (I was off yet I worked, fiuh!). I was quite on time that morning for some other deadlines though I realised that typing a report based on my notes in notebook plus recording via iPhone plus (of course) everything that I had to remember in my mind, was quite exhausting. It took me went to the kitchen by 10 am to prepare some fruits with yogurt with bread and cheese for my late breakfast (this is what I love if I have time on the weekend when I can squeeze my time to watch movie and go for groceries shopping after, Cinderella wasn’t bad for last week :)). Pictures of what I had on my bed was an impromptu shot since I had to hurry up to cook my lunch.




For Lunch, I was quite pleased that I brought broccoli and turned it into a simply delish food. You know, I always love to see edible green in my food and broccoli is one of my fav. I always love to cook simply food, when I don’t have to tweak them too much. For this lunch, what I did was I boiled them very quickly (more or less just one minute to make them stay fresh), then I cooked chicken breast in soy and honey sauce, and enjoyed with shrimp dumplings. For sure, no need to include rice in this sexy lunch.







Looking forward for something new for my food, I really want to take some cooking classes to improve my skill if I have enough time when I’m coming home this year (really want to attend pastry class, oh come on, don’t count that day you still have months ahead Zis :|).

2 thoughts on “An Impromptu

  1. Bagus foto2nya zis. Bagi tips and tricks dong biar jepret2nya asik. Blm nemu sense dalam motret nih. Hehe

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