Semur Ayam

When I went home yesterday and saw the chicken and tofu I fried in the morning, I realised I had to finish what I cooked. I left it in the saucepan on my stove because first, there was no space in the fridge since I put a full jar of avocado juice there. Second, I did cook the chicken inside the sauce for quite long. It means, they would not spoil even I left outside for more than eight hours (for sure I closed my saucepan). I prefer to prepare my dinner in the morning if I’m not lazy and just warm it in the evening rather than I have to start cooking my dinner after work (and I always like to cook a bit more so I can enjoy it as breakfast as well).

When I looked at the chicken in the sauce, I quickly thought to tweak it into another dish. I grabbed my bigger pan and I boiled water. Then, I moved the chicken with the sauce in it. I knew I thought for Semur. I added small red pepper to give a stronger taste, few cloves (it’s a must), small fresh tomatoes, and my last soy sauce (until the last drops!, I have no more soy sauce right now :(). My Semur was a simpler version from the authentic one because I didn’t use ginger, lemon grass and cinnamon. Even though I didn’t use any of them but trust me, the cloves plus soy sauce and I think, it was because I used white onions, the taste was just uh!.

I enjoyed it with rice vermicelli instead with rice, fried potato, added my leftover pok coy to add green and shrimp crackers (it was like a dream I found shrimp crackers here :)).



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