Have Courage and Be Kind


I got the title for this post after I watched Cinderella last week. I know you’ll think that I’m so cheesy but it is a very good words indeed.

Last week, I had a quite traffic on my Instagram page. If you are following me on Instagram you’ll know why. I want to write this here, on my personal blog, just for my own note. A note that I really, really want to share about something important.

It was started from my ‘screen-shot‘ post on my Instagram page two weeks ago when I was quite shocked for the fact that somebody, consciously, stole a lot of my pictures and posted (and claimed as hers) on her page. I rarely, in fact, it was my first screen shot post on my page. I take my Instagram seriously that all my pictures have to come from my iPhone. But that one, it’s an exception.

There was somebody mentioned me on her comment on my page that my pictures has stolen. I didn’t take it seriously then. After she mentioned the account, I visited on it and I was quite shocked that indeed, a lot of my iPhone snaps were there. I scrolled down to make sure that they were mine and I was smiled. I smiled because for me it was so funny. I didn’t have an anger tho yet felt a bit sad. Sad because I had no idea why somebody pretend her life through small thing like, pictures. I once commented on one of my iPhone picture on her page, and told her that she took a lot from my page and claimed as hers. She deleted directly and made her page as private, so that I couldn’t see it again. Before she made it private I did screen shot with my iPhone and day after, I posted it on my page. I couldn’t believe after somebody tweeted this case on his twitter, somebody that I didn’t know before, my Instagram had a lot of visitors and followers. People started coming to my page and dropped their comments. Most of them had anger to her, just few that gave their suggestion to delete my post.

For me, the message on that case is simply important that we, shouldn’t pretend our life. We shouldn’t steal somebody’s thing and claimed that theirs is ours. Maybe this sound’s cliché, but everything that is not belong to us is stealing, and it will never be a right thing. Come on, I’m not an angle that always be saint. I do mistake a lot, sometimes I lie. I’m just an ordinary man. But what I concern from that case is those pictures of mine is the same thing like another creative work that born from thought and creativity. We can’t just take it from somebody and claimed as ours without any credit. I did forgive her even though she never announce her apology directly and clearly to me. For some of them that asked me to erase since a lot of contra on my page about her, and few felt inconveniences, I respected their request yet I decided to leave that post there. I didn’t erase cause that’s my right. I have to be brave to say my mind, have courage but in the same time, I have to be kind to forgive what she did. I just want that case can give us the same lesson for what I had mentioned before that we, shouldn’t steal somebody’s thing and pretend our life. Oh, you can even read comments from another instagrammers that some of those, will make you smile or laugh.

Well, an iPhone snap of yellow gerberas above to brighten your Monday (I know, some of you guys already live in Monday, while I still on Sunday here :)).



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