May I Enjoy

Ah, May. A month when awesome people were born :)

First, David was born on early of May (good news is he’s in instagram since last week!) and I have many beloved best friends that had their birthdays and some will celebrate later. Two weeks ago, when I had a day off on Saturday (plus Sunday was ‘loooong weekend’ for me!!) my flatmate and I spent the day from visiting this cool market to find something for my friend, watching The Avengers (he’s so keen with that kind of superhero movie, I’m more ‘drama-reality life’ person), groceries shopping and in the end, I ended at French supermarket. It took days for me to kill my laziness for this post but finally could share some pretty things here.

1 | I can’t far away from white plates and cups for my props collection but this pattern stole my heart. First time I went to one of the oldest supermarket in this town, I found myself stood in front of it for seconds. I couldn’t resist to bring it home two weeks later along with a new white tea-cup and a square side plate.


2 | I had fun with Spanish gems last week. I made a promise when I first saw them in a French supermarket months ago that I would bring them one box if I had enough money. It’s not a secret that you’ll never have enough money for berries if you live in a country where some particular fruits are not cultivated. But for these pretties, I didn’t even care if my wallet screamed after I took them home. I mostly enjoyed them raw as a snack cause they were so sweet!.

I added one in my oats plus dark chocolate on top of hot oats (hello oats, it’s been a while for brekkie!).

HolaMay2 HolaMay3 HolaMay4

3 | I took french veggie home along with the strawberry. I thought for simply salad later in the Sunday noon. I posted the chicken patty recipe on the previous post.

HolaMay5 HolaMay6

4 | Playing with dark chocolate later in the evening. I had cold that day so instead of tea, I brewed lemon plus ginger plus honey. When I took my flatmate to the traditional market where he bought some souvenirs, I saw a cute brass deer (he’s going home in the end of this month, wait, can I replace his seat on the plane? :|). I wanted to bring it home that day yet I had to be kind with my wallet. But when we came back two weeks ago, instead of one, I brought one giraffe and one lizard along (aren’t they so cute?). Oh, I bought some magnets for my friends as well (can’t wait to pack all of them inside my suitcase!).

HolaMay8   HolaMay9 HolaMay10 HolaMay11HolaMay12

That’s all simply things I had for early May. Looking forward for another happineess this month! (oops, you see my idol’s feed on my iPhone on that scene above? :)). Let me enjoy a bit of my Saturday night with this one and this one.

Happy weekend!,


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