This Wool

If you a reader of this blog you will know that I’m not a colorful person. Especially if I talk about outfits or interior I love. I always feel dark color has more character and classier. I definitely in love with black, shades of grey such as charcoal, dark grey, or gunmetal. White? definitely. I’m more on monochrome if you ask me.

Everytime I’m going home for my annual leave, I always have a budget for outfits. The reason why I prefer to shop in Indonesia is one, I can find easily design and size that fits me. Zara and Topman still my favs. Second, if I compare about the price for outfits between here and in Indonesia, with so so price at Zara or Topman shops but the quality is lower, I don’t even think twice to close my eyes to spend money here, except for this one.

First time I saw it at the store I just said to myself ‘hold on until you come home’. Looking at the price made me like ‘yikes, I had to hold on’ (fyi, I once asked when I bought this guy why the price was higher than what I found in Indonesia, she said because it came straight from Paris, well). When I got a text from the store that they were doing sale for some items, I brought one home (even though the price was still high for me, pfft). The fact that it made from pure new wool makes this sweater super comfy and the soft greyish blue seems like, I should experiment more with other neutral colors in my wardrobe.


Last year when I came back home I found that my eyes sparkled into another dark color for my outfits. I took mostly shirts in dark blue along with black jackets. As I said, I feel dark color is just me.



You know one funny thing about me is when I realised that I’ll be going home soon, I can’t help myself to not to browse some items from Zara and Topman. There are some items that took my attention for this year ;

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  | 10

I’ll see if I can afford to bring them home this year :). Hopefully.



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