Today’s Inspirations

Sometimes, inspirations come instantly at nowhere.

I came back to my apartment this afternoon after I spent one night at other Indonesian expatriates’s flats. I rarely spend my Saturday night outside esp when I have no events on the weekend. I pretty happier when I spend it inside my room, chilling and watching movies from my MacBook, snacks of course, and wake up late on Sunday morning. But yesterday, when my two other flatmates asked me to spend there, I said yes to myself. I just wanted to spend my Saturday night quite different.

It was quite fun when I could meet with some familiar faces and some ‘just-met’ yesterday. Having conversation with Indonesian woman who has been living in this country for almost twelve years, I cooked with others, and ate (I should repeat this word three times, ate and ate and ate). Yes, too-much hi-cholesterol food there!. One wasn’t finished, another one came.

My fav moment from my stay was a chance to go to Sunday market with them this morning. Sunday market opens very early only on Sunday at somewhere near their apartment. We went there to shop local fruits & veggies, fresh fishes, butchery, chinese tofu of course, and some other things. I always enjoy traditional market vibes where I can see people doing their activities, selling, bargaining, offering their things to costumer and other simply things. From our visit I went home with fresh prawns, fishes, and tofu. And bonus for me, when I could capture these ‘texture-play’ photos via iPhone 6.


I always love a moment when I find something interesting around me, take my iPhone and feel happy for clear pictures then. So many interesting objects at the market as I wish people here could me more humble. Well, I think I shouldn’t talk longer, will enjoy my rest of Sunday with my new scented candle. It’s lavender.




Oh, I thought tomorrow is still Sunday, uh.

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