Sweets Again

One of my fav moment a day is when the sun goes down. It is peaceful every time I stare up to the sky when it calmly turns orange, pinkies, and other beautiful colors. As much as I love golden hour, I do love sunrise either. Something magical comes when the sun shines in the beginning of the day. Lately, the sun rarely smiles behind the clouds. As I’m writing this post, it’s raining outside. I have no complain for morning rain as I enjoy it (I shouldn’t say stay longer on my bed is what I love) yet it’s a bit challenging to do my morning ritual (read : capturing breakfast) on a cloudy day.

Though I realised when I photographed those berries (on my previous post), I found that I fell in love with the bright light on a cloudy day. And this was happened again last week Sunday. When I woke up with some deadlines on my head (yikes for deadlines on Sunday, sigh), I spoke to myself to try as much as I could to enjoy the day. Even I had to do some jobs in the afternoon while everybody rested, I didn’t complain for that cause enjoying pretty breakfast was one of the best thing I had.

Here was round one. A cute mini chocolate croissant with extra dark chocolate on top, a mini cinnamon bun, mango and berries, and sure, a cup of coffee (click for a bigger picture!).






An hour flew by, then I had the second round. Still on my bed with crunchy cereal from Eat Natural with yogurt and berries (the cherries make the picture so interesting ;)). I had to admit that my second breakfast was quite too sweet. I just realised that there is juicy raisins inside the toasted whole oat and flakes (I think my eyes had shiny sparkles when I read Brazil nuts on the package). I’m not a fan of raisins yet the pumpkin seeds is yum.






Pictures above were taken with my mirrorless. I learned one thing that using macro setting makes the pictures more natural. And again, it was a surprise for me that natural light on cloudy day made me happy.

Now, time to prepare myself for work, I’m hoping I can pass this week with a smile on my face.





P.S. The scene above wasn’t styled for the photography purpose, haha! I was actually working on my bed (the earphones was there after I did karaoke on my iPhone :D), and I just like, oh, messy bed could actually be interesting for breakfast scene. No, it’s still raining and just put of my table lamp and the ambiance of my room is just, um, I think my bed is calling me :(.

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