If you ask me one thing I will spend my money with no compromise for, is berries. After I squeezed myself to not to spend my short allowance for pricey food and managed what I had last week, I finally gave up. I know myself worked so hard lately so I thought I deserved for something sweets and pardon, how could I close my eyes to these pretties?





I took these pictures on a cloudy Sunday noon right after I came back from groceries shopping last week. I wasn’t sure enough that natural light that day would make me happy with the result. For notes, I used standard lenses on my mirrorless and yikes for ‘the-same-and-still-the-same’ props.

I was so exhausted today yet before I close my eyes I have two other sweets for you guys, one is for your eyes and another one is for your ears. This one is so so good for your eyes esp if you are baby in photography just like me :) (if you are visiting this blog for the first time, fyi I’m Alice’s die hard fan. It sounds cliché for you guys who knew it since ;)). And this one is brilliantly written by one of my fav singer, Ed Sheeran (Ed, you are a genius indeed). I guarantee you will fly to the sky with that song. What you need to do is take your earphones, darken your room, lighten a scented candles and enjoy every words and the melody on it.


Good night!


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