Fifth Of July

Here we are, July!. I’m so pleased I can start counting hours to fly home (in fact, I’m so sleepy right now!). It’s always exciting wondering what should I do there, who will I spend my quality time with, what will I eat (oh Indonesian food, I can’t wait!) and where will I go this year.

Alright, before I fall sleep and wake up again for my last suhoor in the next four hours in this apartment, I would like to share some shots I did today. I can’t argue if you think these pictures would be so cheesy (since I’m not stylish enough to start sharing ‘fashion-stylist’ post kind of, sigh!). Hope you guys can take it as ‘photography-practice’ via iPhone ;).


Comfortable outfit is a must if I travel for almost 20 hours (oh 22 hours to be exact if I have to count my transit time). I choose super comfortable basic tee by Zara for top and loose harem by Giordano for under (super comfy and who need belt in the airport? I wore the same thing last year). Just because a blanket can’t warm me enough inside the airplane, I take two-sided jacket by Zara (dunno, I always feel international flight is much chiller). Shoes with shoelaces is big no no when I have to travel with an airplane, basic jute shoes by Zara is big yes. A watch is substantial as well (it’s Fossil). Oh, I bring some of my cooking books along with other stuffs home.



I have to make sure that my stuffs are neatly arranged inside my medium suitcase. First, because I love to see them arranged tidily, second (and I think it’s the real reason why) is the check-in officer in the airport will always ask the passenger to open their suitcase. By arranging your stuffs neatly, it means you don’t need to waste your time with them (cause sometimes it’s a bit annoying when they start asking you a, b, c, d). Picture above is the only one taken with mirror-less.


What I put inside my mini Herschel backpack are my iPad, important files, portable charger, earphones of course, my travel wallet from Fossil, light chips and chocolates. I keep it as light as possible cause I put my MacBook and all those chargers, portable hard drives inside the smaller suitcase. My mirror-less is going with me as well just in case I find interesting moment/objects later.


This year I have to be reasonable in so many ways, including how I spend for souvenirs. Tight budget is never be my friend yet I have to be more discipline for it. This noon I went to get two Ankara, one for my Mom and for the other one, I know who will I give to. I should bring more for my sisters but I think I’ll get something in Abu Dhabi. The rest of those souvenirs are already booked by the owner-will-be.

Well, I thanked God for another year I spent in this country. Challenges, tension, and obstacles I face for past eleven months made me stronger and stronger. Now, time to rest a bit and find big smile on my face when I wake up (gosh, it’s almost mid night!).

Indonesia, I’ll see you soon :).



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