Few From Abu Dhabi

Oh gosh time flies so fast, indeed. I’ve been here for wait, ten days? And it’s just like three days (in my dream).

In this short post, I just wanted to share some cuties I brought from my five-hours-transit in Abu Dhabi. As usual, every time I’m going home, I can’t keep my wallet close for some souvenirs. Since I didn’t bring many from Africa this year, I took some for my best friends, my family and for myself while I was in Abu Dhabi airport.

On this iPhone shot below, I brought as always fridge magnets, camel with snow-globe (I brought two, here is mine), camel with candle (two as well), a book of 100 interesting places in Abu Dhabi, chocolates (and chocolates, and Arabian key-chains, not captured here :)). Some of those cuties had been shared to few best friends of mine. Not only them, I couldn’t resist to grab the latest Kinfolk magazine when I landed in Jakarta.


I thanked God for another opportunities to see some of my best friends until today (more to see, hopefully!). It’s always exciting to see them after a year. Yesterday when I met my best friend, Yuriko and his little family, I had a spring of joy. It wasn’t because I finally met with his too-cute baby boy as well, Brian, Yuriko gave me D&G-ish tee by Zara for my birthday present even it was two months ago. Another best friend, Rifda, brought me some cuties from Hawaii when I met her and her husband two days ago. I always take a serious appreciation for a simply gift that has a very, very deep meaning. The meaning of friendship.


If you are a reader of this blog, it’s not a secret if I love collecting fridge magnet from all over the world. It’s a simply happiness if I can add more and more magnets from different countries. Most of these magnets here is a gift from my best friend. My fav magnet so far is those two from Egypt and New York of course :). Guys, I’m waiting the one from my dream city, Paris ;).






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