It’s Been A While

It's Been A While

Fiuh, let me take a deep breath…

It’s been a while I know I’ve ignored this blog since I travelled back to Indonesia. I landed back here on 9th of August and right now (breathing), I have a loooot on my plate. I’m having 5 different concepts of wedding in the same time, in a short time. All is need to be done while I’m still having A, B, C, D, E around me. Back to real life, indeed. Well, what I’d love to do is being grateful cause my brain is working and practicing new challenges.

Above is a coffee-scene this morning when I had to keep my eyes opened from 4,5 hours-sleep, cooked for breakfast, and back to office for some deadlines.

Will come back for some new posts soon, I promise.

Back to work. Again, let me take a deep breath.

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