Updating this blog, somehow, it’s not a small matter, sigh. I’m having an issue posting this through MacBook when the page always change into another rubbish page until I had to post it through my iPad (it’s been a while, iPad!). Thanks to Ayos who suggested to do so. Well, just wanted to share a quick post from my trip to Singapore last month (as I wish I was still on vacation!).

As a creative person who work in creative industry, it’s a pleasure to see interesting spaces, interior, and stuffs that inspire me. It helps a lot if you work in creative field where you have to play with ideas and concepts. And producing ideas everyday it’s not easy, sometimes. So it was a pleasure for me lingering Haji Lane in the afternoon while I was in Singapore (I photographed quite a lot of pictures, more to come!).

My kind mate, Atre (I’m a fan of her distinct writing style) mentioned Kolombiana as one of ‘must-visit’ store at Haji Lane since she knew I was in Singapore. She told me Kolombiana has a lot of unique and beautiful stuffs and I would get a lot of beautiful pictures there, so after Jummah prayer that day I stopped by at Kolombiana. Atre was true, it’s a beautiful store indeed. I didn’t spend time there since I had to see Maya just after she dropped her things in the hotel and took lunch in Bugis mall. After I met Maya that noon, I asked her to follow me back to Haji Lane and visited Kolombiana again. I couldn’t resist to take my mirrorless out and took some pictures (for sure I asked for permission). Their stuffs is beyond beautiful, and the fact that it’s easy to guess South American style from vibrant color-play in the design. Look at those bags, amazing color play, huh? You can’t even argue if the price isn’t cheap cause it’s worth it. Maya took some bracelets for herself while I took bracelets and the bag (it wasn’t the expensive one as I wished!) for my best friends.










Make sure you bring enough Singapore dollars if you’re keen with unique stuffs and Kolombiana, as far as I concern in their design, it’s a dangerous place :) (like you won’t mind to bring all them home! ;)).

64 Haji lane,


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