Good Times

We all have our definition of a good time. Having a best friends-talk with coffee is my version of what is a good time or, an opportunity enjoying delicious food with my family. On this post, I’d compiled some good times I had when I was really, really enjoyed quality times with my best friends. Reminiscing those moments makes me realize that life is how we should enjoy every precious time with everyone we loved, and let it be a good time.

Many coffee-scenes on our table via iPhone 6 on this post! Let’s start! :)

A | First one was a coffee-scene when I landed in Abu Dhabi airport. A good time I had was simply amazing there, just after I flew 8 hours from here. Ah, annual leave is always a very very good time. I remember I traveled on fasting month when I left by 9 am from this country and landed just after iftar time in Abu Dhabi. It’s mean I was still fasting on the plane so I didn’t take my meal :). I always enjoy my flight-meal every time I travel back home yet that time I still had good time while I had nothing in my tummy. Yep, my excitement for another 8 hours to Indonesia was the reason. When I landed in Abu Dhabi airport which is smaller than Dubai and less confusing, I took a simply light food for my iftar. Just a cup of hot cappuccino and panna cota while I was waiting for my next flight (I kept it light cause I always worry if I have to use airplane restroom for a long in international flight).



B | Second, a good time with my childhood best friend, Sohib. We had a good time that day watching Ant-Man together in the cinema. Anything better than enjoying an afternoon with your best friend and movie?. Fifteen minutes before the movie played, we shared some sweets on our table even I have to admit that the taste of that rolled-crepes with ice cream on top wasn’t delish as how it looks here. But wait, how could I resist taking picture of them on that super cute table? :)



C | Third, a very very good time again with Sohib. I asked Sohib to join me for cafe hopping and finally tried delicious mille-crêpes in La Réia, a little cute cafe inside Ciputra World, Surabaya. Best friend-talk, yummy dessert plus coffee in one fine afternoon?, how I missed that moment. Another part of good time that day was when I could meet with Atre and Giri again with Sohib. I always feel good when I have a chance to link my friends like what I did to Sohib. I knew he was quite nervous when he met with Atre and Giri for the first time yet I’m sure his mind would open wider on how to have new friends. Inspiring new friends like Atre and Giri? He must be happy for that moment :).



D | Fourth, let’s throw back to Singapore. I had a good time on my second day there when I finally met Maya! and Ranu ;). How I missed Maya and her cheesiness right now. A good time indeed when I just came back from Jummah prayer, met Maya and ready to explore the day (hope you guys aren’t boring with my late post from Singapore cause I still have a lot of photos from that trip ;)). First stop when we met was for pies and cold lattes at Le Kue. We spent two hours (if i’m not wrong ;P) for best friend talk and free wi-fi for our next destination. Oh, say hi to Ranu! :) He’s as cheesy as his mom, huh?



E | Fifth, on my last day in Singapore with Maya and Ranu we stopped by at I-am after we went separately in the morning. I went to Gardens by Bay while Maya took Ranu to Bugis mall looking for Minions kids bag (and ended with toys, sigh). It was drizzling a bit that noon and made the day was cool enough (humid Singapore was something). Had to admit that a good time with Maya and Ranu on our last day was quite missed. Sharing rainbow cakes and mille-crepês with both of them was good (though the taste of those eye-candy desserts wasn’t delicious as they look!). I always enjoy my time when Maya starts laughing loudly with ‘who-cares’ feeling for everyone around us ;).



F | Sixth, how lucky I was when I had a short time in Jakarta extending my visa and finally met Mbak Ririn this year. She is a kind-hearted woman I always excited to meet with. When I knew I had to stay one night in Jakarta after I was done in Embassy I, asked Mbak Ririn if we could meet and it would be exciting if Maya could join us. I though I could meet again with Giri and Atre when they were in Jakarta that time (sadly they had their own event). So, it happened when Maya closed by 21.30 pm and we met near my hotel and went straight to Koi Kemang. It was a good time meeting with Mbak Ririn again! We shared stories and oh, she knew me well and didn’t feel interrupted when I had to move our food to another table near us for pictures ;P. Just because there was a brighter lighting and, how could I resist to keep that moment into photographs?



G | Seventh, it was such a dream sharing a beautiful Saturday morning with my best friends, Andhi and Sohib (again? ;P). I was beyond happy we had best-friend-talk with desserts and coffees at this cute coffee shop that day (one of my fave green tea latte in Surabaya). We didn’t stop at this cafe only and spent an afternoon with another best friend-talks and Indonesian food for lunch then ended by homemade martabak in my parent’s house. It was a real good time indeed.



H | The last one was a good time with another best friend of mine that ran away from her house just to see me ;) (I’ll write another story about her that day, later). Cafe hopping in one of the newest coffee shop in town, Caturra Espresso (hope I’m not wrong ;P) plus best friend-talk along with taro and green tea latte was a beautiful day. Sadly the cake wasn’t that delicious but the interior, and the light, and those wide clear glasses is on point. As I wish I had longer time with Mbak Ika that day :).



Well, looking for continuous posts after this hopefully, and hello September! 

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